Post Construction Cleaning


Cupboards are thoroughly dusted and cleaned, all construction residues including dust, glue and labels and other materials both on the external and internal surface of cabinets are removed. Dusting and cleaning of kitchen sink, back splash, counter top and range hood.

Windows and Doors

We pay particular attention to ensure that all crevices and corners on panels and frames are cleaned of dust, scum dead insects and debris and removal of extraneous matter such as paint appealing Appearances. We then clean and shine the glass surface.

Floor Care

Floor care includes the removal of paint, glue and construction materials and other defacing materials to obtain clean floors and all baseboards properly. Floors are vacuumed completely before mopping.


ensuring walls are properly dusted.


Dusting, cleaning and shining of sanitary plumbing and appliances, mirror, cupboards and exposed piping system.

Closets and Laundry Rooms

Dusting external and internal surfaces of closet doors, shelves and drawers


Power wash garage floor and dusting walls.


Stairways will be dusted and cleaning of treads, risers and railways.

Electrical fixtures and appliances.

Dusting and cleaning of extraneous materials. Removal of packaging materials and adhesives.

Furnace Rooms

Complete dusting and cleaning of furnace room and appliances.

We, at Janicarp, offers a wide range of post construction services to our clients. We have all the right technologies and techniques to eliminate dirt and debris from the site. As a result, you will have a clean and tidy looking site again. Our post construction cleaning services in Airdrie includes a full range of cleaning services. No matter if it is about the cleaning of windows or vacuuming the floors, every service will be provided as per the expectations of our clients.

The after construction cleaning services Okotoks are essential to clear out all the dirt resulted from the process. The best thing about our post construction clean up Calgary service is that it is hassle free and quick. The next best thing is the usage of eco-friendly products. We focus on saving our environment and maintaining your health. This is the reason our construction site clean up Cochrane service is done with the products that are not harmful either to you or the environment.

When it comes to the cost of our post construction cleaning services in Airdrie, we promise an affordable package to you. However, the actual price will depend on the size of the site and the nature of the work but we can assure it will be easy for you to manage. With years of experience in the after construction cleaning services Okotoks, we have developed effective strategies to meet your needs. Our team members are all experts in post construction clean up Calgary. They go beyond their limits to satisfy you and clean up your area. We are just a call away. Dial our number and get the best construction site cleanup Cochrane.