Carpet Cleaning Calgary

At JANICARP we are known for our deep carpet cleaning Service In Calgary. We pride ourselves to be able to consistently deliver excellent service and be true to our motto: "A fresh clean every time".We take the time to give detailed attention to your carpet. Each carpet is treated according to prevailing conditions. We attempt every stain and do the best we can. Some stains are however permanent and may not come out.

Our Process Includes:

1. Pre-Treatment

The application of a pre-spray appropriate to the carpet condition. This is allowed a ten-minute dwell time to soften and break down soil particles in carpet.

2. Treatment of Stains

With the use of stains specific products. Some stains may be permanent especially if previously attempted.

3. Agitation and Heat Treatment

We employ the use of a power head attached to an extractor. It agitates the carpet allowing for deep penetration and in the process removal of soil and other particles from carpet fibers. The power head also delivers heated extraction solution, which rinses out fibers and extracts the solution through suction to a recovery tank.

4. Grooming

Carpet is then groomed with wand to give a tidy and attractive finish. Carpet dries within one to two hours

Deodorizing/ Sanitizing

We understand that application of deodorizer could mask odors temporarily without any lasting effect. Whether it's pet urine or food residue, the source of the odor causing substance must be located and pre-treated before deodorizing. We seek to facilitate this process by applying a pre-spray to soften and break down odor forming compounds from soiled fibers. This allows for greater efficiency of power head used to agitate and extract the diluted odorous substance from the carpet. This allows deodorizer to effectively penetrate affected areas of carpet fibers eliminating the odor.
It may not however be possible to always eliminate odors. If stains penetrate to the backing and onto the sub-floor, then additional action must be taken to pull back the carpet and treat the backing and sub-floor.

Scotchgard Treatment

Carpets tend to fade and lose color with time. This is because your carpet traps soils, pollen and dander in addition to a wide range of particles carried about by the daily traffic, which occurs at the home or place of business. Our cleaning process seeks to dislodge and extract these from carpet fibers, thus restoring cleanliness, improved carpet appearance and enhanced indoor air quality.
When carpet fibers are treated with scotchgard, each carpet strand is sealed, keeping it protected from tough stains and accidental spills. This sealing helps protect carpets from color loss and makes cleaning and stain removal easier.
In the final analysis we are concerned about indoor air quality. Your carpet traps soils, pollen, dander and a wide range of particles carried about by the daily traffic,which occurs at the home or place of business. All these are trapped within the carpet fibers causing wear and contributing to unacceptable appearance of carpet. The cleaning process seeks to dislodge and remove these, thus restoring clean fibers and improved carpet appearance.
Our cleaning also seeks to protect and sanitize/deodorize through the application of effective chemical products to help repel stains and leave a fresh scented aroma to carpet fibers.

We, at Janicarp, provide our customers with the exceptional carpet cleaning services. We understand that carpets are accessories on which the beauty of your home is dependent. Cleaning them frequently can be a tiring task in the absence of high-quality equipment and up-to-date techniques. This is why we provide the best carpet cleaning services to our customers. It must be noted here that our expertise is not limited to carpets only; we focus on area rugs and upholstery as well. This is what makes us one of the best professional carpet cleaning services in Airdrie.

Our carpet cleaning services in Okotoks are unique in several aspects. We strive to restore the original beauty of your carpet by eliminating all the disturbing factors. Our stains removing techniques give your carpet an entirely new look with a pleasant fragrance. As a result, your carpet can have a longer life. The usage of high quality materials and effective techniques has made us the best carpet cleaner in Cochrane.

Our major focus is on the satisfaction of our customers and we plan our projects as per those expectations. It can be considered as one of the best characteristics of home carpet cleaners in Canmore. We focus on creating and utilizing new cleaning techniques for your carpets. In this regard, our team of experts is constantly striving to come up with the best they can. After undergoing our specified cleaning procedure, the carpet of your house will look like a new one. No matter how hard the stains are, we guarantee that they will be treated in an effective way. Being a good carpet cleaner in Calgary, it is our responsibility to take good care of your carpets and create a safe environment for your family.

So, whenever you need best home carpet cleaner in Chestermere, do contact us and we will get everything resolved for you.