No Matter What Cleaning Service Your Looking For It's Always About The People and We have Great People


More than almost any other industry, the cleaning industry is reliant on the quality, dependability and loyalty of its frontline

staff and supervisors. Our people are professional cleaners, business owners and family members who respect your property like it was our own. Our promise to you is that we will look after you, your personal belongings and your property as if it were our Mother's, and Mom was always a perfectionist when it came to cleaning. We believe strongly in all of our people and their skills and expertise. Our people are our greatest assets as they help us to achieve our goals as a company and meet the needs of our clients. The difference is in the details and our Team is known for their work ethic and professionalism. We never compromise our quality of services nor our performance standards.

All of Our Staff Are...

  • Screened, Background Checked, Trained, Supervised and Uniformed
  • Pay Attention to the Smallest Detail So that Nothing Gets Missed
  • Are Licensed, Insured and WCB Insured for Your Protection & Peace of Mind
  • Are Responsible for All Financial Losses of Any Kind, Not You

Our Approach is Second to None

At Janicarp We Are Known For Our Deep Carpet Cleaning

We pride ourselves to be able to consistently deliver excellent service and be true to our motto: " A fresh clean every time."

We Take the Time to Give Detailed Attention to All Your Cleaning Needs

Each job is treated according to prevailing conditions. With carpest, we attempt every stain and do the best we can. Some stains are however permanent and may not come out. In the final analysis we are concerned about indoor air quality. Your carpet traps soil, pollen, dander and a wide range of particles carried about by the daily traffic which occurs at the home or place of business. All these are trapped within the carpet fibres causing wear and contributing to unacceptable appearance of carpet. The cleaning process seeks to dislodge and remove these, thus restoring clean fibres and improved carpet appearance.

Our cleaning also seeks to protect and sanitize/deodorize through the application of effective chemical products help repel stains and leave a fresh scented aroma to carpet fibres.

Our Vision and Goal is To Be Among the Top 5 Cleaning Companies in Alberta

Every business has a beginning, and this is where JANICARP's story started. People want to live in a clean healthy environment and after so many years of offering expert services in the cleaning industry, JANICARP was born to continue offering such quality of cleaning services to it's clients and industry. Our trained technicians use the most environmental friendly chemicals and state of the art equipment to deep clean your treasured carpets, homes, RVs, etc. Clean indoor air quality is our passion and it is the drive behind the expertise we bring to our job. We have a vision to be among the top 5 cleaning companies in Alberta in the next two years! Give us a call now for free estimates and consultations.